Four Ways to Celebrate Mental Health This Valentine’s Day

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! This is one of my favorite holidays — but it’s not a happy day for everyone. In fact, 1 in 3 people aren’t satisfied with their love life, making a holiday that celebrates love pretty painful.

I may be part of the lucky few, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get what it means to be single and bummed out on V-Day (or in a relationship and bummed out!). Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship that makes it impossible to celebrate or if you’re disappointed to be spending yet another Valentine’s Day alone, this day presents mental health challenges for many of us.

So, if you aren’t in the mood to celebrate love, why not celebrate mental health this Valentine’s Day? Here are four little things you can do to get into the festive V-Day spirit while honoring the mental health challenges so many of us face this time of year!

1. Buy yourself a gift.

If you don’t feel like celebrating romantic love, try celebrating self-love this Valentine’s Day! Buying yourself jewelry or flowers can be far more satisfying than receiving them from a partner, anyways. Might I suggest this necklace by Jen Gotch x Iconery? Not only does it raise awareness for depression, anxiety and bipolar, but all proceeds from this jewelry line will also be donated to a mental health charity.

'Depression' pendant hanging from chain.

2. Take a mental health day.

Or, why not take an entire day off to celebrate yourself? Take a mental health day from work or school this Valentine’s Day to spend the day doing something you love. Whether it’s going off the grid to hike or booking a massage at your favorite day spa, a mental health day can be just the thing you need to rest and rejuvenate yourself so you can get back to taking on the world.

Related image

3. Send compassionate cards.

Don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day for yourself? Try celebrating it for others in need! Write cards to people you know who may be struggling with their mental health, or even get in touch with a local mental health charity to see if you can write cards for members of a support group or a treatment center. Print out these free mental health-themed Valentine’s Day cards to send a message of compassion to those you care about.

Free Mental Health Valentine's Day Cards

4. Donate to those in need.

If you’re struggling with mental health on Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone — and not everyone is lucky enough to receive treatment for their mental health needs. This Valentine’s Day, show a little love to those people who might not be able to afford mental healthcare by donating your time or money to one of the following organizations:

  • Cleveland, OH:
    • FrontLine Service provides mental health services to the homeless and helps youth victims of trauma and violence in their recovery.
  • United States:
    • NAMI chapters nationwide support people in mental health recovery and their loved ones with support groups, events and more.
    • NEDA supports eating disorder recovery with education and advocacy nationwide.
    • Samaritans works toward suicide prevention, and is also active in the U.K.
    • Active Minds supports college students in their mental health journeys.
    • The Buddy Project pairs people in need with mental health “buddies” to prevent suicide and self-harm.
  • United Kingdom:
    • Mind strives to reach young people before they reach a crisis point.
    • Heads Together is changing the conversation around mental health by reducing stigma.
    • Beat is the U.K.’s eating disorder treatment and prevention charity.

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