Organize Your Entire Life With These Products

At a time when life feels chaotic, it’s easy for our space to become a reflection of the way we feel. But in these chaotic times, what we really need most is the opposite: organization!

What better time to get organized than when your mind feels as cluttered as your home? Cleaning up your space creates room for your thoughts, so you can finally stop feeling overwhelmed.

These products will help you get your sh*t together (literally) — so you, too, can find space to breathe in these chaotic times!

For Your Space….

IKEA GAMLEHULT Ottoman with storage

4-Pack Storage Trays ($2, Target), for keeping odds-and-ends from floating around the house.

Storage Basket with Pom Poms ($20, H&M Home), for piling up dog toys, throw pillows or anything else you need storage for.

Gamlehult Ottoman with Storage ($69, IKEA), for concealing books or bins under an attractive ottoman.

For Your Desk….

Japanese Pen Case ($5, Kawaiipenshop), for keeping your pens and pencils together. (Just where do they disappear to?!)

Better Together Daily Pouch ($33, Mochithings), for making sure your planner and other daily essentials never stray far from view.

Rose Gold Lexington Rolling Cart ($30, Michael’s), for organizing work or craft supplies in a beautiful way.

For Your Kitchen….

Bentgo Classic Lunch Box ($15, Amazon), for making lunch great again — and saving the environment.

BlueAvocado Re-Zip Bags ($19, Amazon), for storing snack-sized portions without single-use plastics.

Olivewood & Glass Canisters ($100, Williams & Sonoma), for keeping a tidy pantry free of random rice bags and pasta boxes.

For Your Travels….

Square Pill Case ($4, Forever21), for living that #spoonielife on-the-go.

Getaway Travel Kit ($20,, for getting through TSA with as little hassle as possible.

See-All Vanity Case ($95, Paravel), for lugging your entire makeup collection through airport security.

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