Product Review: Love Wellness

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links, meaning I may receive a percentage of any purchases made through my blog. Thank you for supporting Endo Strong!

When it comes to managing my endometriosis, I am willing to try (almost) anything once. That’s why I was psyched to try Love Wellness’s line of personal care products for people with vaginas. Its founder created Love Wellness’s line especially with women like me in mind: those of us who have obsessively Googled their symptoms and tried every at-home remedy under the sun. Her belief? Women shouldn’t have to resort to witch-doctor-like tactics to get the relief they deserve.

I’d been admiring the Love Wellness product line from afar for a long time before I finally took the plunge and made a purchase — but once I did, I wasn’t sorry. And because I’ve been open about my struggles with chronic yeast infections, painful sex and other endometriosis symptoms on my blog, I thought I would treat my purchase as an experiment to share with you all about whether Love Wellness’s products actually work.

I’ve heard rave reviews about Love Wellness from girls who struggle with UTIs, chronic infections and more — but interestingly enough, it seems to be off the radar in the endo community. Thus, I thought I would take the opportunity to break the silence and evaluate whether Love Wellness makes useful products for endo babes. Below, I review the three products I tried from Love Wellness (the Perfect Condition Vitamin, Sex Stuff and Do It All Wipes) and explain whether they alleviated any of my endometriosis-related concerns.

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Perfect Condition Vitamin

Perfect Condition Vitamin

The Concern: Inflammation.

The Product: The Perfect Condition Vitamin is a blend of nutrients that claims to promote detoxification and a healthy vaginal flora. However, it attracted me for its inclusion of anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric, grapefruit seed and garlic. Many of these nutrients are promoted by endometriosis advocates for women struggling with inflammation and pain due to the disease, but I had been hesitant to try them due to the fear that they would taste bad or have negative side effects. Upon reading reviews of the Perfect Condition Vitamin, however, I was assured that the vitamin had no taste and ventured to try it.

The Results: All I can say about this product is, wow! The Perfect Condition Vitamin exceeded my wildest expectations. Not only does the vitamin not have a taste, but I have genuinely noticed an improvement in the frequency of my endo pain since I started taking it. Granted, I am also on hormones that alleviate my symptoms, but even on progesterone I used to have days every month that I would be in pain. Now, those days are few and far between — and while I can’t prove the improvement is due to the Perfect Condition Vitamin, I will definitely be repurchasing this product in the future. The only downside is that they are, as David noted, “horse pills.” If you have difficulty swallowing large capsules, you may want to try another product.

Do It All Wipes

Do It All Wipes

The Concern: Vulvodynia.

The Product: Love Wellness’s Do It All Wipes are meant to cleanse and soothe your sensitive vulva. They are made with organic coconut oil, aloe and chamomile extract, with no artificial fragrances or chemicals to irritate your skin. As someone with vulvodynia, I am constantly on the lookout for alternatives to the Summer’s Eve line of products (which I previously loved) that are appropriate for sensitive skin. Because pesticide exposure has been linked to endometriosis, I also appreciated that the product’s ingredients are certified organic and decided to give them a try.

The Results: Before I tried these, I thought that all cleansing wipes were created equal. Not the case. I was disappointed with the results of the Do It All Wipes, not because they caused irritation to my skin, but because they constantly ripped when I was trying to pull them out of the package. These wipes are extremely delicate, which is great for vulvodynia — but not so practical for everyday use. If looking for an organic wipe made for sensitive skin, I would sooner recommend the Rael Natural Feminine Wipes, which are similar in ingredients but much sturdier in practice.

Sex Stuff

Sex Stuff Personal Lubricant

The Concern: Pelvic floor dysfunction.

The Product: Sex Stuff is a personal lubricant made to mimic your body’s natural moisture. It’s aloe- and water-based and compatible with both condoms and sex toys. This made it perfect for my purposes, a.k.a. pelvic floor physical therapy, because it meant the lubricant would be compatible with the silicone dilator I use for my at-home exercises. Lubricant is a must-have for completing pelvic floor PT exercises at home, but when you also have vulvodynia, it’s important to get a brand that’s glycerin- and paraben-free, with no ingredients that might irritate your skin. Sex Stuff fit the mold, so I was eager to try it.

The Results: Sex Stuff is a good personal lubricant. In both price and quality, it’s equal to Good Clean Love’s BioNude lubricant, which is also made for sensitive skin. However, the texture is thin and a bit runny, making the lubricant fine for sexual activity, but impractical for pelvic floor exercises. When you need to coat a silicone dilator in lube, a gel lubricant that stays in place works better to get the lube where it needs to go. If you’re looking for a gel formula for PT purposes, I recommend Slippery Stuff, which is inexpensive and readily available on Amazon. Otherwise, if you just need lubricant for, well, “sex stuff,” then Sex Stuff is a good option for sensitive skin.

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