Bloated Wardrobe Picks: Boho Dresses for Summer

As a bloated girl, I used to dread summertime. The tight shorts and itty bitty bikinis felt so restrictive and uncomfortable. The whole season, I craved my comfy sweats. I couldn’t wait for fall, when I could switch back to boots, leggings, and loose tops.

But as I’ve gotten older, my summer style has evolved — and as a result, I’ve gotten much comfier in my warm weather wardrobe. With the tight tanks and booty shorts of my teen years falling out of style, I’ve started to favor flowing tank tops and loose, boho dresses that conceal my bloat and make me feel beautiful.

Another thing I’ve stopped doing (for the most part) is shopping at fast fashion retailers. Instead, I favor small- and large-scale boutiques that stock one-of-a-kind styles. If they source their items in ways that benefit the environment, even better!

So, for this post, I decided to combine my love of boutiques with my love for boho dresses to bring you something totally different from my previous bloated wardrobe posts. In addition to offering bloat-friendly dress styles for summer, this post avoids retailers like Old Navy and Abercrombie & Fitch altogether.

Instead, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite boutiques to shop at for a look that’s all your own…. because nothing puts a damper on a summer barbecue like showing up in the same Forever XXI dress as three other guests. Am I right or amirite?

Altar’d State Katalaine Dress ($70)

Katalaine Dress - Altar'd State

I first discovered the Tennessee-based boutique Altar’d State while living in Ohio, and became obsessed with it when I learned about the company’s commitment to giving back to causes like hunger and cancer research. Likewise, I’m in love with the ruffled details and flowing pleats on the Katalaine dress. The delicate floral print makes this the perfect feminine dress for those warm summer nights…. and the loose fit makes it perfect for wolfing down watermelon at your Memorial Day BBQ.

Francesca’s Beylinda Dress ($48)

Francesca’s carries adorable boutique picks at affordable prices. With cap sleeves and an A-line silhouette, this dress has a slimmer fit than many of my other picks — but that doesn’t mean it won’t hide the bloat. The ruched waistline gives way to a flowing skirt that will conceal your full belly, while the rosy floral print adds a girly touch.

The Mint Sweater Shop Erin Michelle Dress ($59)

The Mint Sweater Shop is one of my favorite sources for casual, feminine dresses in pastel colors. There’s nothing better than a babydoll dress for staying comfy and looking cute while doing it. Details like pleats and flowing sleeves make this dress a fashion hit, without making you feel like you’re going to be bursting at the seams.

One Loved Babe Quinn Dress ($40)

The gorgeous boho boutique One Loved Babe was one of my many Instagram discoveries. This sassy spotted dress from One Loved Babe comes in two chic colors: mauve and mustard. The high waistline on this dress means you can eat trigger foods without raising eyebrows, while the buttons and flowing sleeves attract the eye upward toward your gorgeous face.

Luca and Grae Femme Luxe Dress ($85)

If you’re in love with Aspyn Ovard’s easy, breezy style, then you’ll love her brainchild Luca and Grae. The boutique carries gorgeous boho styles like this flowing dress, which covers bloat as easily as it brings out your beauty on a beachy day. I especially love the delicate blossom print in hues of coral and orange, which lend this frock a summery touch.

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