10 Interesting DAISO Japan Products You Can Buy On Amazon

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a small portion of proceeds from purchases made from my blog. This does not affect the price you pay for products or services. Thank you for supporting Heal with Haley!

Confession time: I desperately wish, more than anything, that I could go to DAISO Japan. If there wasn’t a global pandemic going on, I would seriously consider planning a trip to Japan just so I could bring home an enormous haul from DAISO.

If you have yet to be enlightened, then get ready for a life-changing experience, because DAISO Japan is going to blow your mind! DAISO puts American dollar stores to shame by offering high-quality home goods and stationery products, among other items. But best of all, you can find super unique and kawaii items you can’t find anywhere else.

DAISO does have an online store in the United States, but unfortunately you can only buy items there in bulk. As a household of two in a shoebox apartment, I definitely don’t need an abundance of kawaii stickers and home goods laying around (much to my dismay).

However, I recently discovered you can find a limited selection of items from DAISO on Amazon — and most of them are eligible for free Prime shipping. Given my exciting discovery, I thought I would take to my blog to share some of my latest DAISO finds with you all. I hope you find them as interesting and adorable as I do!

1. DAISO Gentle Children’s Sponge ($7)

Okay, so this kawaii panda sponge is supposedly for children, but I say do what you want. And I, a fully-grown adult woman, am a fan. Because everyone deserves an adorable way to exfoliate during the cold winter months!

2. DAISO Foaming Nets for Face Washing ($4)

Here is an interesting product I can honestly say that we don’t have an equivalent for here in the United States. These little nets house soap that suds when the net is run under water and squeezed. So, you can essentially carry face wash in your purse without worrying about getting everything wet. How clever is that?!

3. DAISO Separable Cutlery Set ($6)

If you’re looking for a way to cut down on plastic waste on-the-go, enter this separable cutlery set from DAISO. This handy little travel set comes with two handles and separate attachments for a spoon, fork, and chopsticks, meaning you don’t need to carry a bulky bag of utensils.

4. DAISO Hello Kitty Bag Hook ($9)

Ever worry about your purse getting stolen or dirty when you’re out to eat? Instead of leaving it on the floor or hanging on the back of your chair, get one of these kawaii table hooks from DAISO. Hello Kitty will protect your purse while you enjoy your meal in peace.

5. DAISO Compressed Towel ($7)

Something I learned from watching Marie’s Kawaii World on Youtube is that in Asia, they don’t offer paper towels in most restrooms. So, many people will carry a personal towel to use instead. How eco-friendly of them! These compressed towels are basically the adult version of those water-expanding washcloths you loved as a kid. To use, simply submerge it in water and watch it grow.

6. DAISO Bear-Shaped Measuring Tape ($10)

How cute is this pink bear-shaped measuring tape from DAISO? It even comes with a keychain for meeting your measuring needs on-the-go. Just make sure to brush up on the metric system before buying, since this measuring tape is in centimeters!

7. DAISO Perfect Pet Toothbrush ($8)

As a dog owner, I know firsthand that grooming can be a dangerous game. Once, I was literally sent to the emergency room when trying to clip my dog’s toenails. But that’s a tail (get it?) for another time! This toothbrush makes cleaning Fido’s teeth easier by slipping onto your finger, so your dog will feel more like they’re being pet than being groomed.

8. DAISO Turning Stapler ($7)

I first saw this product in one of Marie’s Kawaii World’s Japanese stationery hauls, and I was amazed that we don’t have anything like it (that I know of) in the U.S.! This product is a turning stapler, which lets you staple all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies for your various crafting projects, such as creating booklets.

9. DAISO Sandwich Maker ($7)

This panda-shaped sandwich mold may not be the most practical item on the planet, but I still think it has a purpose: fun, of course! It’s the perfect tool for upleveling lunchtime. Turn your boring old sammie into a kawaii bento delight for yourself or your kids to bring to work or school.

10. DAISO Disposable Filter Bags ($6)

100pcs Disposable Filter Bags for Loose Tea

If you’re anything like my boyfriend, then you might be a bit of a tea snob! He likes to drink loose-leaf British tea whenever possible, which isn’t the most practical for making on-the-go. You can, of course, use an infuser — or, you could buy these disposable tea bags from DAISO, which can be filled with your favorite loose leaf tea. Now, instead of committing to a box of tea bags, you can bring a different flavor of loose leaf tea with you every day!

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